Transfer Grading

Friday 14th July 2017, Ayestone Leisure Centre

Congratulations to brothers Jonathan and Finlay Friedersdorff who have successfully transferred their primary grade to junior 3 yellow tabs.

Quorn Primary Competition

Sunday 18th June 2016, Rawlins Academy, Quorn

A fantastic day of judo particularly for those new to competition. There was a large representation from Aylestone and all members fought brilliantly.

Congratulations to all our bronze medalists: Nina, Leah, Jonathan, Finlay, Nicholas, Aaran & Reece, plus Danyal ans ucas for competing.

Aylestone Club Grading

Friday 16th June 2017, Aylestone Leisure Centre

Congratulations to our novices who have been awarded their first grade.

Lucas Carroll - 3 red tabs

Reece Carroll - 3 red tabs

Aaron - 3 red tabs

Danyal Khan - 3 red tabs

Resandu Suraweera - 1 yellow tab

Cian Mistry - 2 yellow (transfer grade)

Chris Swaby - 3 yellow tabs (transfer grade)

Caitlin Hurst - 3 yellow tabs

Antonio Zamfir - Junior yellow 

Joshua Squance - Junior yellow

Jeremy Richardson - Yellow belt

Aylestone Club Grading

Friday 22nd April 2016, Aylestone Leisure Centre, Leicester

Our novice students had the opportunity to put their hard work to the test and attend their first grading. An impressive 15 members all took part and successfully gained their first grade. Congratulations to:

Yellow belt: Liam Bartley

Junior 3 Yellow tabs: Fraser Armstrong, Luke Hobbs-Brake, Vazgen Mikhaylov

Junior 1 Yellow tab: Adam Bates, Edward Bates

Primary 3 red tabs: Nina Cuzack, Finlay Friedersdorff, Jonathan Friedersdorff, Nicklaus Friedersdorff, Amber Pemlington, Filip Serwicki, Szymon Serwicki, Leah Starmore

Primary 1 red tab: Euan Armstrong 

Leicester Area Grading

Saturday 19th March 2016, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Another bumper crop of 'Aylestonians' going for their next grade at the Area Grading this weekend. Congratulations to everyone that graded, but an extra special congratulations goes to Will and Tristan who impressed the grading officers with their high quality techniques. Well done boys!

William Crump - Junior Green belt

Tristan Weik - Junior Green belt

Zoe Gamble - Junior Orange

David Weik - Junior Yellow 3 Orange

Kaeden Gardner - Junior Yellow belt

Hayden Sterland - Junior Yellow belt

Ashley Williams - Junior Yellow belt

Muhammed Abdulla - Junior 3 Yellow

Addison Crump - Primary 3 Green

Chris Swaby - Primary 1 Green

Cian Mistry - Primary 3 Orange

Ali Abdulla - Primary 2 Orange

 Leicester Area Grading

Saturday 24th October 2015, Samworth Academy, Leicester 

Congratulations to:

Stewart Cramphorn -  Green belt

Tom Byfield - Junior Green belt

Tom Cusach - Junior Green belt

Harry Cusack - Junior Green belt

William Crump - Junior Orange 2 green

Adam Bell - Junior Yellow 1 orange

Dylan Gamble - Junior Yellow belt

Hayden Sterland - Junior 2 yellow

Addison Crump (pictured) - Primary 1 green

Joel Pinder - Primary 1 orange

Cian Mistry - Primary 1 orange

Leicester Area Closed Competition

Saturday 26th September 2015, Samworth Academy. Leicester 

Another fantastic day at the Leicester Closed Competition. We only had four entries this year but we did come away with four well earned medals especially as it was many of the boys first competition!

Congratulations to:
Cian Mistry (primary boys) - Silver
Will Crump (junior boys) - Silver
Hayden (junior boys) - Bronze
Dominic Clearkin (senior mens) - Silver


Memories of Courses and Competitions 2014-2015 

Aylestone Christmas Party & Awards Evening

Friday 14th December 2012, Aylestone Leisure Centre

This year saw the return of the Aylestone Christmas Party where judo was replaced with music, games and an excuse for the coaches to behave like 5 year olds. Every child who attended received a cerificate and some special members also received awards. The winners for 2012 were

Primary Girl of the Year - Melissa Hawkins

Primary Boy of the Year - Sam Pinder

Junior Girl of the Year - Xara Schieferstein

Junior Boy of the Year - Thomas

Achievement of the Year - Vinney Campbell

Players' Player Runner up - Jessica Roberts

Players' Player Runner up - Stefan Betts

Players Player - Ben Hancock

FPJ1 Course

Saturday & Sunday 8th - 9th December 2012, Countesthorpe 

Aylestone is pround to announce that Pete Barnden, Mickey Smith, Dulcie Hardwick and Sam D'Arcy all passed their FPJ 1 Course. Well done!

BJC Closed Nationals

Sunday 18th November 2012, Hereford

Aylestone Judo Club is proud to have three members attend this major event and even prouder of the fact that we brought home two medals! Toby Williams, Barnaby Williams and Ben Hancock fought their heart out and represtented the club impeccably. Unfortunately. Toby had one too many sausages at breakfast and missed his weight by 100 g, but he held his own with the big boys and brough home the goods. 

Congratulations to:

Toby Williams - Bronze Medal

Ben Hancock - Bronze Medal


Peterbourough Course

Saturday & Sunday 10th - 11th November 2012

Well done to Toby and Barnaby Williams for attending and sucessfully grade at this course.

Toby Williamms - Junior Green 3 Brown

Barnaby Williams - Primary 2 Brown

French Exchange Judo Training Session 20th Anniversary

Saturday 3rd November 2012, Samworth Enterprise Academy

Aylestone Judo Club was pround to be invited to train with our French visitors from Mouy in what turned out to be a fantastic day of judo. The morning session was run by two BJC National Squad Coaches (Andy Marshall & Les Eacock) and was an enjoyable fun yet serious sessions. The afternoon randori followed the same vein with a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. We must thank both GEC and Southfields Judo Clubs for organising this brilliant event and long may it continue.

........Note from Webmaster.......

There would have been some lovely action shots from the grading here - but our resident numpty naming no names - MICKEY SMITH - decided to thrown his memory card in the bin!

Sorry guys, but now you know who to blame.

Leicester Area Grading

Saturday 27th October 2012, Samworth Enterprise Academy 

With a whopping 16 members attending the grading and every one of them achieving the grade they trained hard for, it has been a very sucessful day for Aylestone Judo Club.

Congratulations to:

Szymon Moscisko - Primary 2 Red

Ayse Mansiz - Primary 3 Red

Melissa Hawkins - Primary 3 Red

Thomas Hawkins - Primary 3 Red

Sam Royall - Primary 3 Orange

Jessica Roberts - Primary 3 Orange

Vinney Campbell - Primary 3 Orange

Thomas Royall - Primary 3 Green

Ben Hancock - Primary 1 Blue

Thomas Byfield - Junior White 3 Yellow

Xara Schieferstein - Junior White 3 Yellow

Alisa Tikkanen - Junior Yellow

Finlay Barnden - Junior Yellow 2 Orange

Rebecca Smith - Junior Orange 2 Green

Paul Roberts - Senior Yellow Belt

Sam D'Arcy - Senior Blue Belt

AJA National Open Competition 

Sunday 14th October 2012, Earl Shilton

Huge congratulations to Ben Hancock for taking silver at the AJA Nationals. After suffering with lack of confidance during recent competitons and sometimes coming away empty handed, Ben really worked hard in training to improve his competition fighting and it paid off.

You can smile now Ben!

AJA East Midlands Open Competition

Sunday 23rd September 2012, Earl Shilton 

Another tough competition and the Aylestone members did extremely well against experienced opposition. Both boys were in large pools pools containing National Squad players, but they did themselves and club proud. Ben got off to a tentative start and lost his first contest, but after a few close fights his confidence improved and so did his judo. 

After winning gold a couple of weeks ago, Thomas has an opportunity to test his judo skills in a 7 boy category containing three National Squad members. Thomas was also at the disadvantage of be being the lightest boy in the category after creeping up a weight band. That said, Thomas fought brilliantly in the pool stage, but lost out in the semi-finals to the eventual winner.

Congratulations to 

Ben Hanock - Bronze

Thomas Barker - Bronze

Leicester Closed Competition

Saturday 8th September 2012, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Another great display by Aylestone Judo Club both on and off the mat. The judoka fought brilliantly and brought home an impressive 14 medals especially as most of them are relatively new to the sport. Also the support from parents who stayed to watch the other club members compete even after their child had fought was excellent and really brought the club together. Congratulations to

Melissa Hawkins - Bronze

Ayse Mansiz - Bronze

Thomas Hawkins - Silver

Jessica Roberts - Bronze

Vinney Campbell - Silver (Primary Boys O53 kg)

Xara Schieferstein - Bronze

Thomas Barker - Gold (Junior boys U 30kg)

Adam White - Bronze

Thomas Byfield - Bronze (Junior Boys U65 kg)

Stefan Betts - Silver (Junior Boys  O65 kg)

Dulcie Hardwick - Gold (Senior Women O70 kg)

Joel Ghilotti - Bronze (Senior Men U72 kg)

Will Davison - Bronze (Senior Men O72 kg)

Paul Roberts - Gold (Senior Men O72 kg)

Midland Area Open

Sunday 17th June 2012, Rawlett Centre, Tamworth

A fantastic day of judo (check our facebook page for the video evidence!) and all the Aylestone players did the club proud. Congratulations to

Jessica Roberts - Silver (Primary Girls U22 kg)

Ben Hancock - Bronze (Primary Boys U28 kg)

Emilia Tikkanen - Silver (Junior Girls U40 kg)

Joel Eabry - Silver (Junior Boys U50 kg)

Thomas Byfield - Silver (Junior Boys U55 kg)

Sam Eabry - Gold (Junior Boys U65 kg)

National Cromer Course

Sunday 3rd June - Friday 8th June 2012, Cromer

This was probably the best national course Aylestone have ever attended. It had a proper family atmosphere ans all members were included whether they were on the judo mat or not. This year saw a change in the normal schedule due to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, so Tuesday was packed full of games and activities for all the family at the local cricket club. Nick Holmes (4th Dan) was the guest instructor for the week and proved to be a hit especially with the young members. Mrs Whyman (6th Dan) was also in attendance and instructed the kata for the entire week. Congratulations must go to our three members who graded:

Ben Hancock - Primary 2 Green

Barnaby Williams - Primary 1 Brown

Toby Williams - Junior Green 1 Brown

Also a big well done to Carla Jones, Dulcie Hardwick and Greg (Toadie) Hancock who passed their First Aid Certificate.

Aylestone Club Grading

Friday 25th May 2012

Congratulations to our new player who have achieved their first grade: Ayse Mansiz, Thomas Hawkins & Melissa Hawkins (Primary 1 Red) and Thomas Byfield & Xara Schieferstein (Junior 1 Yellow).

Leicester Area Grading
Sunday 20th May 2012, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Vinney Campbell - Primary 1 Orange
David Weik - Primary 1 Orange
Jessica Roberts - Primary 1 Orange
Alisa Tikkanen - Junior White 3 Yellow
Thomas Barker - Junior Yellow
Emilia Tikkanen - Junior Yellow 2 Orange
Tristan Weik - Junior Yellow 2 Orange
Adam White - Junior Yellow 2 Orange
Katie Cole - Junior Yellow 3 Orange

BJC Open Nationals

Sunday 6th  May 2012, Benham Sports Arena, Northampton

This was the first time that this venue played host to a National event and although there were some teething problems to start with (the computer system crashed) the judo more than compensated. Aylestone coach, Carla Jones worked as an official all day (and it was a long one). A massive well done goes to Aylestone member Toby Williams (pictured left with Carla) who fought brilliantly and gained a well earned national silver medal.

Aylestone Club Grading

Friday 4th May 2012

Well done to Thomas Barker and Katie Cole who have successfully transferred to junior grades. Thomas is now Junior 3 Yellow and Katie is  now Junior Yellow 1 Orange.

Leicester Area Open Competition

Saturday 21st April 2012, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Well done to our competitiors who entered the Leicester Open Competition, but a slightly bigger well done has to do to Jessica Roberts for coming away with a well earned bronze medal.

Leicester Leys Invitation Competition

Saturday 17th March 2012, Beaumont Leys Leisure Centre

A great display of judo especially by our newer members. Well done to our medalists:

Jessica Roberts - Bronze & Silver (groundwork event)

Melissa Hawkins - Bronze & Bronze (groundwork event)

Thomas Hawkins - Bronze

Ben Hancock - Bronze

Vinney Campbell - Gold

Emilia Tikkanen - Bronze

Adam White - Bronze 

Tamworth Weekend Course

Saturday & Sunday 18th/19th February 2012, Rawlett Centre, Tamworth

Another fantastic course with Dave Nichols as guest instructor. Congraulations to the Aylestone members who graded:

Ben Hancock - Primary 2 Orange

Barnaby Williams - Primary 3 Blue

Tony Williams - Junior Green 3 Blue

Dulcie Hardwick - Blue Belt

AJA East Midlands Area Open

Sunday 4th December 2011, Earl Shilton

Congratulations to all our medalists:

Jessica Roberts - Gold

Ben Hancock - Bronze

Toby Williams - Gold

Ella Joyce - Silver (left)

Aylestone Club Grading

Friday 25th November 2011

Well done to our new members who have achieved their first grading: Jessica Roberts, Alisa Tikkanen & Matilda Tikkanen (Primary 2 Red), Emilia Tikkanen & Adam White (Junior Yellow).

Leicester Area Grading

Saturday 29th October 2011, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester 

Vinney Campbell - Primary 2 Red

Ben Hancock - Primary 3 Red

Barnaby Williams - Primary 2 Blue

Fin Barnden - Primary 3 Blue

Ella Joyce - Junior Green 1 Blue

Toby Williams - Junior Green 1 Blue

Angela Webb - Senior White 2 Red

Sean Broderick - Senior Yellow 1 Red

Neil McLean - Blue Belt

Mickey Smith - Brown Belt

AJA East Midlands Area Open

Sunday 25th September 2011, Earl Shilton

A fantastic day of competition for all our members. A big well done goes to:

Jessica Roberts - bronze

Ben Hancock - bronze

Adam White - bronze

Carla Jones - gold

Leicester Area Closed Competition

Saturday 17th September 2011, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Aylestone entered a number of payers into this competition and every single one achieved a medal. Congratulations to

Vinney Campbell - Bronze (Primary Boys O36 kg)

Toby Williams - Gold (Junior Boys U45 kg)

Ella Joyce - Bronze (Junior Girls U 53 kg)

Angela Webb - Gold (Ladies Open Weight)

Dulcie Hardwick - Silver (Ladies Open Weight)

Sam D'Arcy - Bronze (Ladies Open Weight)

Newcastle Area Course and Grading 

Sunday 10th July 2011, Newcastle

Four Aylestone ladies travelled up to Newcastle in the hope of finding enough female fighters to grade. Unfortunately there was not enough for our eternal brown belt Lauren Thompson to grade, but well done to Dulcie Hardwick and Sam D'Arcy who both achieved their green belts. Even with the disappointment for Lauren the ladies still enjoyed a whole day of judo training with the Newcastle players.

Southfields Primary Competition

Saturday 2nd July 2011, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Well done Ben Hancock for winning a bronze medal. 

Samurai Low Grade Competition

Saturday 18th June 2011, Kidderminster

Congratulations to Sam D'Arcy and Dulcie Hardwick who obtained gold and silver respectively in the Women's Open Weight category.

Aylestone Club Grading

Friday 10th June 2011

Well done Ben Hancock and David Weik who have both earned their first grade of Primary 1 Red 

Leicester Area Grading

Saturday 14th May, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Aylestone players were sucessful at the recent Area Grading and a huge well done goes to:

Thomas Barker - Primary 2 Green

Joel Eabry - Junior Green

Alex Cole - Junior Green 1 Blue

Sam Eabry - Junior Green 1 Brown

Sean Broderick - Senior White 3 Red

Mickey Smith - Senior Blue (especially well done after the Ben Hur of gradings!)

Pete Barnden - Senior Brown

St Ives Easter Course

Thursday 21st - Monday 25th April 2011, St Ives, Cornwall

A group of senior Aylestone players enjoyed a whole 4 days of judo training and kata in the Cornish seaside town of St Ives - along with their mascot Aylestone Bear (can you find him?). The Sunday hosted a grading and we would like to say congratulations to:

Dulcie Harwick - Orange 3 Red

Sam D'Arcy - Orange 2 Red

FPJ 2 Course

Saturday & Sunday 16th/17th April 2011, Countesthorpe

Congratulations goes to our Aylestone Coaches Rob Biddles, Paul Butler and Carla Jones who have passed/revalidated their FPJ 2 qualifications.

Leicester Area Open Competition

Saturday 9th April 2011, Samworth Enterprise Academy, Leicester

Congratulation to Carla Jones who won Gold in the Ladies Dan Grade Open Event.

Tamworth Weekend Course

Saturday and Sunday 19th/20th February 2011, Rawlett Centre, Tamworth

A fantastic weekend course and a big well done goes to 

Dulcie Hardwick - who was graded to Orange 2 Red

Carla Jones - who has completed FPJ 1

Southfields Invitation Competition

Saturday 5th February 2011, Samworth

Congratulations to our medalists:

Dulcie Hardwick - Gold

Sam D'Arcy - Silver

Neil McLean - Bronze